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Simpoe has signed a partner agreement with Siemens PLM Software, joining the programme as a Software and Technology Partner.

The purpose of the partnership is to develop integration between Siemens PLM Software’s Solid Edge 3D CAD software and Simpoe Plastic Injection Simulation solutions.

The integration between Solid Edge and SimpoEdge will allow plastic parts designers to design the part, simulate its manufacturing, identify potential problems, modify the part and directly assess the impact of modification, without leaving the Solid Edge graphic environment.

The SimpoEdge software suite will include four plug-in modules for Solid Edge.

SimpoEdge Fill, the base module to simulate complete part filling, also includes Simpoe pre-and post-processing technology, as well as the material database of more than 5,000 plastic materials.

Also offered are SimpoEdge Pack, for packing simulation and SimpoEdge Cool for complete thermal exchange regulation.

Cooling channels libraries can be directly imported from the Solid Edge geometry.

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