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The Simmerring Type Radiamatic large, moulded rotary shaft seals are used to seal diameters between 200mm and 3,000mm.

A tension spring made of a stainless material facilitates permanent sealing lip contact pressure.

The Radiamatic has an extra-large outer diameter, which is lightly compressed to fit the nominal outer diameter during assembly.

In addition, a metallic cover plate ensures axial compression in the housing, thereby guaranteeing a secure fit and static imperviousness.

All diameters greater than 1,300mm can be produced without additional tool costs.

Split rings and a corresponding adhesion set are available for servicing.

Profiles and sealing cords in the form of endless or fixed-length seals are used for even greater seal contact areas such as those found in rotating assemblies for gondolas and blade bearings.

The cross section of the Radiamatic can be as large as 3,000mm.

Where necessary, it can be manufactured with eigen curvature and fitted with a spring.

HNBR is increasingly becoming the standard material of choice for rotor bearing seals.

The reason for this is that it is long lasting and boasts high thermal stability and excellent ozone resistance.

Simrit provides technical support to help the customer choose the right sealing system/sealing solution for the application in question.

This includes an individual installation proposal based on a prior inspection of the entire sealing environment.

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