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To help the fresh produce industry recognise the potential of robotic and automated systems, Cenfra has developed a visual discrete event simulation system.

The system can evaluate and quantify the benefits and implications of integrating automation techniques into new or existing production lines on a virtual scale without creating any disruption to current operations.

The system produces interactive 3D computer models of factory layouts, which include technical details on existing production equipment.

Cenfra then uses this and its knowledge of available technology to advise on the best automation solutions, while simultaneously identifying any unforeseen obstacles and highlighting potential areas for improvement.

In addition, the company can develop bespoke systems and solutions and evaluate how a particular product would work with the equipment.

Cenfra’s in-house knowledge combined with a computer-aided design system enables the company to offer 3D modelling, component assembly drawing and free-form surfacing to demonstrate how, for example, bananas could be peeled using a machine.

Cenfra’s simulation processes can confirm that the desired impact of any proposed installation can be achieved without physically disrupting current manufacture or any other areas of production.

Cenfra recognises that financing is one of the core issues that has held back the fresh produce industry in investing in new technology and is able to identify available opportunities and advise on a range of funding options.

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