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Siplace is offering its Siplace MSD Monitoring option for the monitoring of moisture-sensitive devices.

As part of Setup Center, it enables users to track the MSD exposure time for individual component reels across the entire placement process, from the moment they are removed from the dry-storage system.

If the manufacturer-specified MSD exposure time is exceeded, the monitor automatically blocks the use of such component reels.

This minimises the risk of producing modules that are faulty because they contain expired, and possibly damaged, moisture-sensitive devices.

Siplace Setup Center is a software tool that enables reliable setup verification and data storage and allows users to check whether the components are correctly set up before the production line starts up.

The monitoring function allows moisture-sensitive devices to be tracked and managed across the entire placement process.

Once relevant data such as the MSD exposure time, MSD shelf life and MSD level has been loaded into the Setup Center database via XML, it is centrally available for the entire setup and placement process.

To cover the entire process, Setup Center also maps the dry-storage systems.

The MSD option stores the MSD opening date and time.

For online and offline controls, the system compares the MSD exposure time with the manufacturer’s specifications.

As soon as the exposure time of the reel expires, the Siplace MSD Monitor issues an error message and blocks it from further use.

It also notifies the operator that they must return the reel to the dry-storage cabinet.

Users are also able to enter the exposure time, residual life cycle and level themselves with the Siplace MSD Editor.

The programming of the MSD option in accordance with customer-specific requirements can be performed by the user or by the Siplace team.

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