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Siplace Precedence Finder is a program that improves the quality and reliability of component placements on high-mix and high-density boards.

The software analyses the size and position of all components on the PCB and optimises the placement sequence to prevent components from colliding with each other or with nozzles and grippers.

It effectively eliminates frequent collision sources such as shielding (large height differences between adjacent components) or placement shadows as a result of overlaying nozzles.

To ensure a collision-free placement process on modern board designs, which are often very compact, the Siplace Precedence Finder collects geometric data and position information of the components and board itself from the placement list.

Based on this information, the software calculates potential placement collisions and fixes the placement sequences in order to provide collision-free placement.

Wherever components with large height difference are positioned closely to each other, the smaller component is placed first in order to prevent the higher ‘neighbours’ from getting in the way (‘shielding’) and causing potential collisions.

The Siplace Precedence Finder also takes the respective nozzle and gripper data into account.

Even in cases where components are picked up off-centre, critical scenarios can be defined via corresponding tolerance thresholds to effectively avoid collisions with overlaying nozzles.

The Siplace Precedence Finder automates the analytical and optimisation processes, which are often complex and time consuming.

This speeds up the programming, accelerates product introductions and improves the quality and reliability of the overall placement process starting with the first board moving down the line.

Even with such a high degree of automation, experienced programmers always have the possibility to verify any results from the Siplace Precedence Finder in detail and are able to confirm or overwrite any precedence rules.

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