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Sirane’s Sira Cook packaging has been used on the Saucy Fish range of products, allowing consumers to cook their Saucy Fish fillet and sauce from the pack without any need to handle the product.

The Sira Cook film is essentially an elevated-temperature resistant film that cooks the product inside – fish, vegetables or boneless meat together with marinades – in its own juices.

Furthermore, the quality of the resulting food – suitable for the microwave or conventional oven – has proven to be exceptional.

Sirane is now preparing its production lines in order to produce Sira Cook in volume for the world’s seafood industries.

Simon Balderson, director and co-founder of Sirane, said: ‘We have been tracking the packaging needs of the seafood markets for some time.

‘The cook-in product issues are now clear and straightforward for the consumer and, importantly, the pack cost-benefits for the supply sector are clear for all to see,’ he added.

The company said that the food retail and packaging supply chains are also set to benefit.

Sirane sees Sira Cook as an alternative to the existing metallised tray cook-in market.

Sira Cook is available in all shapes and sizes and in different colours for chilled or frozen foods.

The Sirane product is supplied in reels for flow-wrapping, pre-cut sheets, pouches or bags and is also available in barrier versions for direct-to-oven fresh food MAP packaging.

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