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Sirane has announced an increase in orders for its Crisp It and Sira Crisp packaging products for the food industry.

Sirane’s Crisp It packaging was first developed for use in the fast food industry – primarily for crisping burgers, potatoes and other hot food via the means of susceptor film packaging.

The packaging technology is lightweight, low cost and can be also used in the mobile food service.

Sirane’s Sira Crisp packaging has been supplied to train and airline operators in the UK and abroad.

‘The Sira Crisp film can be made into carry bags for chips and French fries and potato wedge wraps; as well as pouches for popcorn and as wraps for the cooking of paninis and sandwiches,’ said Jeremy Haydn-Davies, Sirane sales director for food packaging.

Microwavable frozen foods can also make use of this packaging.

Sirane’s Crisp It packaging is based on an integrated two-layer film that can be shaped into virtually any kind of package to suit the microwaveable cooking application of the food.

Originally developed by Sirane as a food crisping susceptor film for the insides of burger boxes and other fast food items, the latest version – Sira Crisp represents an enhanced design.

Sirane’s traditional strength has been to laminate susceptor films to board and paper without the use of adhesives, making the product more versatile in performance and more environmentally friendly.

Sirane has also taken the concept one stage further by combining, without glue, a clear film to the susceptor film and creating a strong bi-laminate that is suitable for crisping paninis, baguettes, pasties and other foods.

In the microwave oven the film clings to the food, thus making it crisp.

Available in various formats, such as sleeves, the film can also be used to flow-wrap foodstuffs, eliminating the need for additional outer packaging.

Sirane’s new formula means that labels can be printed directly onto the film.

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