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Linde Material Handling North America has introduced its RX60 series of electric counterbalanced sit-down lift trucks for manufacturing, storage and distribution, and logistics businesses.

The eight models in the series have capacities ranging from 5,000lb (RX60-25C and RX60-25L) to 10,000lb (RX60-50).

The RX60-25C and RX60-30C feature cushion drive and steer tires, while the six remaining trucks in the series have SE drive and steer tires as standard equipment.

The new rail design of the trucks strengthens the mast and limits deflection.

Travel speeds of 12mph and lift speeds of 100fpm enable these trucks to operate in place of engine-powered units.

The trucks feature automatic power boosts that are activated when the system sensors demand, to negotiate railroad crossings, curbs, steep ramps or other obstacles, for example.

The RX60 Series has been designed to minimise strain on the operator throughout the day.

The trucks each feature low noise levels (68dba), a floating operator compartment, tilted floorboard, a fully adjustable suspension seat and an adjustable steering column.

All components and assemblies are tested to meet rigorous longevity standards.

The heavy-duty cast ductile iron steering axle provides a strong structure.

Electrical component placement inside the counterweight offers protection.

The counterweight dissipates naturally occurring heat during operation.

Thermal protectors monitor components and limit power output in case of high temperature.

The 80V electrical system has maintenance-free enclosed motors and is said to provide performance comparable to LP and diesel-powered forklifts.

The large battery compartments accommodate standard and vented batteries.

A fast-charge assist is also available as an option.

High visibility of the load and through the mast – a key element for forklift safety – is accomplished via the rail design and two free-lift cylinders instead of one.

All performance parameters are adjustable to adapt to different operating conditions and customer requirements.

The ‘ramp start assist’ function helps the operator with stopping and starting on inclines.

Both indoor and outdoor operations can be handled by the RX60.

When equipped with full cab and electric heater, the RX60 functions in severe weather.

Fitted with cold storage equipment, it will also work in freezers with temperatures as low as -20F.

The use of the dual front tires adds additional stability for wide loads or at high lift heights.

The energy return system can extend battery life by up to 15 per cent.

Energy use is limited and component life extended as all high-voltage components are mounted to the counterweight.

Blue-Zone memory adaptive software maximises truck efficiencies based on individual operator driving characteristics, resulting in additional energy savings of up to 20 per cent.

The RX60 has extended 1,000-hour maintenance intervals, while design features such as automatic deceleration, dual independent CAN-Bus control systems, maintenance-free brakes and continuous on-board diagnostics are designed to make it easier to maintain ideal working conditions.

The three-phase AC system operates without brushes and is completely sealed, extending component life and reducing maintenance expenses.

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