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SiTel Semiconductor has announced that its SC14450 baseband processor is at the heart of the Gigaset SL780 and SL785 handsets from Gigaset Communications.

The SC14450’s processing power and flexibility help the DECT phones deliver full-duplex hands-free operation, good high definition audio using CAT-iq and Gigaset’s HDSP technology, and an Eco DECT mode to reduce power consumption.

In addition, the handsets offer a host of features including colour TFT display, Bluetooth headset connection and PC syncing via Bluetooth or USB.

The SL780 and SL785 with integrated answering machine are the latest additions to the Gigaset cordless telephone range.

Their feature list can also be expanded further through software upgrades.

This latest design-in extends the successful cooperation between Gigaset Communications and SiTel.

It also highlights the versatility of the SC14450 baseband processor.

The chip can be used to rapidly develop devices such as cordless phones, high-end PSTN and CAT-iq handsets, desktop Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephones and basestations (with integrated DECT), analogue terminal adapters (ATAs) and Voice over WiFi systems.

It supports the royalty-free uClinux operating system, allowing developers to benefit from a huge amount of existing software.

Sitel Semiconductor

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