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Gibson, a guitar manufacturer, has used a bespoke free-way six-position lever switch, designed by NSF Controls, to give musicians increased control.

The company’s three pickup guitars are said to offer the musician versatility in tone.

The pickups are traditionally selected by a conventional three-position lever switch.

Each pickup gives a different sound because of its relative placement to the strings.

The free-way switch provides the option to combine two or more pickups, thus providing a greater range of tonal options for the instrument.

Over time, various methods of providing this additional control have been tried within the guitar industry, including a multi-position rotary switch and additional control switches, both of which provide confusing visual feedback.

The free-way switch was developed in collaboration with product design specialist AB Design; it provides a six-position lever switch in a 2 x 3 way format.

Looking and working like a conventional three-position switch, the free-way toggle actually moves in two planes, offering two rows of parallel positions.

This patented concept enables multiple electrical settings from a switch where all positions are still accessible and distinguishable.

A rock musician was handed an instrument loaded with the free-way switch for evaluation and was said to be impressed by how it worked.

A dedicated contact arrangement was developed with Gibson to selectively assign the three pickups on the custom guitar, allowing the exacting demands for tonal variation demanded by the artist to be achieved.

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