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Anderson Power Products (APP)’s Six-Position Right Angle Plug targets the solar, fuel cell, wind turbine, mass transportation, off-road vehicle, factory automation and agricultural equipment markets.

The SPEC Pak (Sealed Power for Environmental Connections) features rugged and environmentally sealed IP68 shells, and sealing components to protect APP’s hot-pluggable power contacts.

APP’s flat wiping power contacts have colour-coded housings to give users options that may be specified to enhance flexibility for designers of power, signal and ground connections.

The highly configurable SPEC Pak connector series now includes shortened overall length off the panel and wire training.

The Right Angle SPEC Pak features a right-angle backshell that can be oriented and locked to the plug shell, allowing the cable to be routed in any of eight different directions.

APP’s Right Angle SPEC Pak Plug is compatible with a range of discrete wire and jacketed cable diameters of up to 27mm with six 10 AWG wires, or a mix of power and signal wire gauges with individual wires up to 10 AWG.

The SPEC Pak is compatible with cost-effective and industry-standard PG-sized glands that allow for a range of wire, cable and liquid-tight conduit-sealing options.

The Right Angle Plug has two available backshells – one sized for PG 21 and other sized for PG 29 sealing glands.

A selection of colour-coded power housings are available in standard and finger-proof versions.

Signal and ground housings with the standard Powerpole form offer versatility and design flexibility.

Contacts for wire gauges 24 to 10 AWG (0.25 to 4mm) handle up to 45A.

The SPEC Pak utilises an industry-standard panel-mount cutout – 26482 and 5015 shell size 24 and the touch-safe housings meet UL1977, Section 10.2.

The SPEC Pak Connector gives the user thousands of potential power and signal combinations, ensuring it can be used anywhere a rugged and waterproof high-power, signal and ground interconnect solution is required.

Anderson Power Products

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