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Sixnet has announced that it has extended its SL and SLX series of industrial Ethernet switches that are suitable for DIN-rail or direct-panel mounting in tough applications.

The SL and SLX series of DIN-rail industrial Ethernet switches now include the 10-, 16- and 18-port managed switches, the six-port Real-Time-Ring switch and the six-port unmanaged switch with two noise-immune fibre-optic ports.

The SLX-10MG is a 10-port industrial Ethernet-managed switch with seven fast (10/100) and three Gigabit (10/100/1,000) ports, two of which are combination ports (10/100/1,000/SFP) that support both copper and fibre-optic connections.

The SLX-16MS is a 16-port (10/100) industrial Ethernet-managed switch offering a high port count in a very small footprint.

The SLX-18MG adds two Gigabit combination ports (10/100/1,000/SFP) for a total of 18 ports.

These switches are designed to be rugged, reliable, real time and secure.

They combine compact DIN-rail packaging, hardened circuitry and powerful software to keep a system going under tough conditions.

The SL/SLX-6RS-1/4/5 is a six-port industrial Ethernet ring switch featuring Sixnet’s Real-Time-Ring, which provides ultra-fast network redundancy and prioritised message delivery needed in critical systems.

The ring ports are pre-configured and run right out of the box, without needing any user setup.

Alternatively, users can utilise the configuration wizard to enable more advanced operations such as Modbus monitoring, QoS and port mirroring.

This switch is offered with six RJ45 (10/100) ports or with four RJ45 ports and two fibre (100M) ports for noise-immune links up to 120km.

The SL/SLX-6ES-4/5 is a six-port industrial Ethernet unmanaged switch featuring four fast (10/100) ports and two fibre (100M) ports.

The fibre ports are suitable for when users need noise-immune connections or to connect to a remote device up to 120km away.

This switch requires no user setup and starts operating as soon as it is powered up.

It is suitable for any system and includes a plug-and-play feature.

All these rugged switches offer dual-power inputs, industrial surge/spike protection and a self-test/alarm output contact.

The SLX models feature an extended operating temperature range of -40C to +85C and are housed in a durable and corrosion-resistant metal case designed for DIN rail or direct panel mounting without requiring extra brackets.

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