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Invensys Operations Management’s Skelta software provides business process management (BPM) and advanced workflow solutions.

The Skelta BPM software is claimed to empower teams of people by linking them with work processes and systems to achieve specific business goals.

The software allows users to create BPM-enabled applications using features such as an embeddable, web-based process designer; a forms designer; process monitoring and optimisation capabilities; a multi-tenancy capability; multiple communication channels; and integration with Microsoft technologies.

In addition, the software offers online access to the operating environment, thus enabling a software-as-a-service or cloud version, reducing barriers to access and use.

Vinay Moorthy, vice-president of Invensys Operations Management, said: ‘Our software provides a unique, agile and scalable platform for enterprise-wide collaboration, while at the same time leveraging existing systems to achieve operational excellence and a great ROI [return on investment].

‘The latest version has many new productivity features, including the ability to collaborate from within web-based forms, extending advanced BPM functionality to Microsoft Sharepoint 2010; document management enhancements; customisable user-friendly business dashboards and web parts; and support for custom controls.

‘Because of its embeddable capabilities and ability to provide visibility into end-to-end business processes, we believe our Skelta BPM 2011 software will bring a radical change in the way mission-critical enterprises collaborate,’ added Moorthy.

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