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The SKF Microlog Advisor Pro is a versatile handheld vibration analysis tool used for condition-based monitoring and preventative maintenance.

This portable device combines the functionality of several instruments in one unit and features an intuitive user interface.

Information gathered from the device can be uploaded to the analysis and reporting module or exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis and report generation.

The core of the SKF Microlog Advisor Pro is a portable computing engine that, combined with the high-precision data acquisition hardware and digital signal processing technology, provides high-quality condition-based monitoring, increasing the effectiveness of preventative maintenance programmes.

This portable vibration analysis tool features a three-channel digital signal processor with a frequency range of 40kHz Fmax and up to 12,800 lines of resolution displayed on a bright colour screen.

These features combine to facilitate valid vibration analysis data collection for condition-based monitoring and preventative maintenance, according to the company.

This compact handheld unit comes in a range of kits designed for specific applications such as bump testing, conformance testing, balancing and analysis and is able to display real images of machinery and transducer positions.

The functionality of the device can be increased with the activation of additional modules and the memory is easily increased via SD card.

Ergonomically designed with easy-operation function keys, this lightweight tool can support up to eight hours of continuous use.

The SKF Microlog Advisor Pro is available pre-configured in kits that provide built-in application expertise with step-by-step instructions.

With these application-specific kits, data may be stored in the SKF Microlog Advisor Pro for future review and can also be transferred to the host computer in a comma-separated value format (.csv).

If an analysis needs to be expanded on, functionality can be added without the need to purchase further instruments.

Although the SKF Microlog Pro is designed to enable non-expert users to gather data, this data may require expert analysis or further interpretation.

Any data collected can be transferred to a desktop PC using Activesync, enabling the results to be uploaded to the analysis and reporting module – a supporting application for the SKF Microlog modules.

Once uploaded, the data is automatically shown in the application and with one click a powerful interactive graphical plot is displayed on screen.

The analysis and reporting module also contains a number of post-processing features.

This module also provides a direct link to Microsoft Word for report generation and supports templates so reports can be created with a single click.

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