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Shortlink’s SL4510 is a standalone wireless-communications module suitable for long-range communication links, security systems, home automation and automatic meter reading.

The module is ideal for customers whose strategy is to buy turnkey.

The whole wireless application can be integrated into the radio module with just a few external components.

The SL4510 is suitable for use in the 433, 868 and 915MHz ISM bands, and features an integrated onboard microcontroller with custom application software.

Shortlink removes the need for in-house RF, electronics or software expertise.

Shortlink can CE-certify the module with the custom software, while the module itself is already CE-certified.

This provides a low-risk solution and offers a short time to achieve a customer-ready product.

Shortlink’s extensive software library also helps to minimise development time.

The SL4510 is a low-power discrete RF design that has been developed using a small size building practice.

Important application areas for the SL4510 include: long-range communication links up to 2km; security systems – surveillance and alarms, keyless entry systems, remote control of equipment and machinery; home automation – remote reading and control of lights, heating, and power consumption for refrigerators and freezers; automatic meter reading; and aural (voice) communication.

Shortlink offers a demo kit for easy evaluation of the radio module.

Every demo kit consists of two battery-powered transceiver units with accessories.

The kit enables on-site testing of the range of operation in the intended environment and evaluation of all configuration options.

Shortlink’s SL4510 is available now for existing and new applications.

Hardware is held in stock and volumes are available.

Pricing depends on application complexity and is quoted case by case.


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