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Ashe Converting Equipment has brought out the Jade series of film-slitting machines, which features linear drives and ballscrew and pneumatic cylinders from Matara.

Ashe designs, develops and manufactures slitting and rewinding equipment for use in the film, paper and web industries.

The Jade series operates to several different winding methods, making it extremely versatile.

The principal methods of operation are centre wind, surface wind and centre-surface winding combined.

The Jade achieves this using an unconventional style of rewind arm that replicates the winding functions from conventional machines but without the cumbersome lay-on rollers.

A vacuum-drive roller isolates the unwind tension, while individually driven surface-drive rollers transport the tension-controlled web directly to the rewind stations.

Mounted on precision roller slides from Matara, the rewind stations move independently, horizontally away from the lay-on/surface rollers as the rewind roll increases in diameter.

Contact is maintained through the diameter build-up, which ensures excellent finished-roll quality.

Tension isolation is controlled through a vacuum pull roller as opposed to the conventional nip rollers and S-wraps.

The precision linear tracking of these rewind stations ensures perfect roll quality.

Designed for rewind diameters of up to 1200mm, the linear tracking of the arm means that different diameters can be wound on the same rewind beam.

With the conventional lay-on rollers eliminated, the Jade can utilise two common surface rollers.

Both are driven at line speed while operating as a centre winder.

If needed, the speed of these rollers can be accurately trimmed so that the machine can also induce surface tension if required.

Lay-on pressure is profiled through the arm and controlled through Matara pneumatic cylinders.

Pressure is adjusted through the machine’s HMI.

As there is no changing of lay-on rollers, downtime is significantly reduced when changing a slit pattern.

The design of the machine eliminates the need for hydraulics and makes best use of pneumatics in areas such as adjusting and maintaining surface tension.

Careful attention to design has eliminated multiple pneumatic connection lines and trailing electrical cables so that these cannot accidentally be trodden on, pulled out or otherwise disconnected.

The result is a more compact overall footprint and a more reliable machine.

Finished reel unloading is electrically operated.

Once the arms have been retracted to the unload position, Matara precision screw jacks rotate the beam through 90deg.

The Jade series has brought new slitting and winding principles to the plastic-film industry.

With the help of linear drives, ballscrews and pneumatic cylinders from Matara, the Jade slitter/rewinder can offer optimised finish roll quality and high speeds.

The Jade also keeps machine downtime to a minimum.

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