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Hirschmann Engineering UK has launched the advanced Sludgemaster GFS-1350-HYDRO-DSD filtration system.

Specifically for use on center-less and cylindrical grinders, the unit is able to remove particulates to below 10um from a machine’s coolant via an economical, media-free setup.

To facilitate a more thorough filtration process, Ebbco’s system can be supplied with the company’s 623 filter cartridges, taking filtration levels below 1um when required.

Sludgemaster extends coolant life by preventing harmful contaminants from accumulating anywhere within the system.

To ensure efficient operation, the Ebbco system is designed to process two to three times the amount of clarified fluid that is required for a specific machining process.

This flow allows the system to prevent the build-up of solids and ensures the continuous supply of clean coolant.

Sludgemaster combines the processes of efficient circulation, effective filtration and evacuation in a relatively small, continuous coolant management system.

By using the centrifugal action of a Lakos separator, solids are transferred automatically into a 55gal drum or an optional hopper, ensuring easy disposal or the resale of separated solids as scrap.

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