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Sodick has added the K3HN for aerospace and medical applications and automated production machining to its range of small-hole (0.25-3.00mm diameter) EDM drill machines.

The K3HN machine comes equipped as standard with the company’s KSMC motion controller, providing optimum servo control and so doubling the hole drill speed, as well as the possibility of micro-step feed with the micro-step servo control.

The CNC-controlled addition to Sodick’s K-series hole drill range is particularly suited to cutting multiple start holes for wire EDM machining in die plates, where there is also a need for an auxiliary axis to index or rotate the workpiece.

It is also ideal for the automated production machining of difficult-to-cut materials such as carbide and heat-treated workpieces.

The K3HN incorporates Sodick’s LN Assist automatic programming system with a simplified graphic screen interface for ease of operation, which carries out multiple calculations and macro-functions.

Cutting programmes are easily created without the need for complex calculations by simply inputting the basic hole pattern and positioning the holes to be drilled.

Even complex layouts with a large number of holes – for example radial, spiral or wave patterns- can be easily generated, according to Sodick.

The LN Assist programme enables operators to work easily with any type of complex cutting layout and programme without relying on their own skills and therefore reduces the risk of operator error.

A customised function is also available allowing operators to save their own programs within the database.

Other standard features of the K3HN include the Automatic Electrode Feeder (AEF), which enables continuous cutting with several electrodes, the automatic tool changer and the automatic depth measuring function to regulate the machine cutting-depth while machining through-hole and cavity dies.

Additional machine options include: ‘Column up’ (100/200mm); 30A booster (electrode up to 6.00mm diameter); a rotary table and an oscilloscope.

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