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Hemisphere GPS has introduced the A220 and A221 smart antennas at the ION GNSS 2009 Conference in Savannah, Georgia, on 24-25 September.

In rugged, portable all-in-one enclosures, the A220 and A221 deliver centimetre-level positioning accuracy for precise guidance, machine control and survey applications.

The A220 and A221 combine Hemisphere GPS’s Eclipse dual-frequency receiver and antenna technology with optional radio modem.

The antennas are capable of supporting RTK, SBAS and Omnistar HP/XP corrections.

The A220 features LED status indicators for power, GPS, and DGPS.

The A221 additionally features a built-in menu system and four-line LCD display, making it easy to monitor and configure as an RTK base station.

Dual-serial, USB, CAN, and pulse-output options enable the A220 and A221 smart antennas to interface with many external devices.

Multiple mounting options make both models easy to install and they are said to be easily transferred between locations, vehicles, or machines.

Fast start-up, re-acquisition, and output rates enable the A220 and A221 to provide the best signal for visual guidance and automated steering applications.

They are compatible with CORS and other RTK reference networks where open-architecture formats such as RTCM v3 and CMR/CMR+ messages are provided.

The A220 and A221 also offer Hemisphere GPS’s SBAS satellite ranging technology that increases the total number of satellites in view for greater RTK speed and reliability.

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