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Smart Group has introduced two CD-ROMs and a poster guide that cover conformal coating.

The conformal coating inspection and defect guide CD-ROM costs GBP99 plus VAT.

It provides a simple guide to the use of coatings, their application and process, product benefits, inspection and quality control.

A practical defect-guide session will also allow delegates to examine coated boards using different materials and inspect the coating application.

The CD features engineers answering questions on coating processes, process defects and quality control in manufacture.

The conformal-coating inspection and defect guide posters cost GBP45 plus VAT.

A separate 24-page colour poster guide is also available.

The photographic guide is ideal as a reference source for operators, inspection and training departments and is provided as an Acrobat pdf file.

The individual sheets can be printed as A4 for bench-top reference or as A3 colour posters for reference in manufacture.

Alternatively they can be viewed on a PC, with each page featuring three images illustrating points to examine or steps in the inspection process.

Currently the guide features more than 20 individual pages for on-site printing and display.

The conformal-coating photo album costs GBP99 plus VAT.

It is a CD-ROM photo album featuring more than 290 colour images to allow engineers to create their own training material, Powerpoint files, process documents and standards.

The photo CD covers many defects listed and is one of more than 15 CD-ROMs available.

The photographs can also be used in marketing and advertising material or in technical articles, provided the source is credited.

They can be simply pasted into any Word or Powerpoint document for in-house company use.

Photographs are provided in either Tiff or jpg file format.

The images are not all one resolution but a mixture of high and low resolution.

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