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Monitran, a developer and manufacturer of transducers for the measurement of vibration, displacement and proximity, has added smart sensors to its MTN/2200 range.

The new sensors, which carry the postfix ‘1Y’ to their current part numbers, conform to the IEEE-P1451.4 transducer electronic data sheet (TEDS) and can be interrogated by reversing the polarity of their supply voltage.

Typical data that can be programmed and read back include the manufacturer’s ID, device part number, serial number, sensitivity (as set by the original equipment manufacturer) and calibration data.

Donald Lyon, managing director of Monitran, said: ‘These sensors are ideal for applications where multiple sensors are in use and where measurements are typically collected in one place.

‘In such circumstances, the rapid, positive and unique identification of sensors is essential,’ he added.

Devices in the new 22001Y range are ideal for vibration analysis.

As standard, they operate between +/-80G, have a rapid response to shock loading and can withstand forces in excess of 10,000G.

They have isolated AC outputs with standard sensitivities of 100mV/g; alternative sensitivities are available upon request.

In addition, they have good bias voltage stability with typical drift less than 3mV/oC with a bias voltage of 11.6V.

All sensors in the new ranges are available as top or side entry and with integral cables or connectors.

Submersible and intrinsically safe versions are also available.

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