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The TI Tag-it HF-I Plus Prelam satisfies the demand for ISO plastic card Prelam products using Texas Instruments’ Tag-it HF-I Plus Chip.

Due to Smartrac’s in-house chip-packaging capabilities, the IC and the capacitor are seamlessly integrated into the card Prelam, ensuring the highest transponder performance.

Card manufacturers benefit from a fully-fledged card Prelam that can be processed directly without any need for additional processes or changes to their current manufacturing processes.

Smartrac passive TI Tag-it HF-I Plus Prelam products are manufactured using the company’s wire-embedding technology and fulfil the highest requirements regarding reliability, durability and mechanical robustness.

They are designed for the particular requirements of card specifications.

The Smartrac TI Tag-it HF-I Plus Prelam makes it possible to produce ISO plastic cards that fit into the TI system and are compatible with other TI-based components such as RFID labels.

This allows end-users to use both RFID cards and labels within the same system.

Smartrac’s TI Tag-it HF-I Plus Prelam is manufactured out of 100 per cent PVC, which differentiates it from other currently available Tag-it inlay products.

Use of 100 per cent PVC makes additional time-consuming steps obsolete compared with conventional Tag-it HF-I Plus Inlays, which are made from PET and therefore need additional processing before the inlay is turned into a final ISO plastic card product.

The standard ISO card-sized products are not only available in pure PVC but also in polycarbonate and PET-G.

Smartrac passive TI Tag-it HF-I Plus Prelam products operate in the 13.56MHz (HF) operating frequency and comply with the ISO/IEC 15693 and ISO/IEC 18000-3 global standards.

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