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Bespak has installed a Smartscope CNC 500 multi-probe compact CMM from OGP.

Used to measure a range of components for Bespak’s range of inhaler and respirator products, the Smartscope CNC 500 is offering programming, setup and cycle-time savings.

The OGP Smartscope CNC 500 performs production acceptance checks on a four-hourly basis – six times a day across a 24hr operations.

‘The operator will take a shot, allow it cool and mount it in a purpose-designed fixture on the table of the Smartscope CNC 500,’ said Peter Haken, Bespak metrology engineer.

‘He then simply clicks an icon on the Measure X menu and the program runs automatically.

‘Most programs take around 2min to complete, although some are longer at around 5min.

‘In comparison with conventional CMM technology I would estimate the system is at least 25 per cent quicker.

He added: ‘However, in some instances, features that might take 3-4min on a CMM only take around 1min using an OGP vision system.’ OGP’s Measure X metrology software provides the user with all the tools needed to make geometric measurements.

The software quickly controls all probe changes, while inspection routines are recorded automatically and edited easily using icon-driven commands.

Data outputs can be customised with reports available in printed or digital formats.

Additional analysis of surface, profile, SPC and part-to-CAD comparisons can be collated by using seamlessly integrated companion application programmes.

At Bespak, results from Measure X are output to an SPC package called QC-Calc.

Bespak parts measured on the Smartscope CNC500 are typically no more than 10mm long and no larger than 8mm in diameter, and – despite the inclusions of several complex features – programs are surprisingly quick to create using Measure X.

Haken added: ‘They can be created easily and quickly despite the fact that we need to test against all features, as well as validate fixtures and complete repeatability and reproducibility studies.

‘We need to ensure that the system and the operator do not take up more than 20 per cent of the tolerance.’ Smartscope CNC has a high-quality 12:1 zoom lens that is said to provide excellent optical performance over its entire range.

This Accucentric lens maintains accuracy by calibrating itself automatically with each magnification change.

Illumination is provided by Smartring, OGP’s vector light that gives total control of lighting angles, making it easy to pick out important features for repeatable and accurate optical probing.

Bespak specified its Smartscope CNC 500 complete with Renishaw TP200, a compact, module-changing probe that uses strain-gauge mechanisms for higher accuracy and longer life than kinematic touch-trigger probes.

According to Mr Haken, the touch probe comes in very useful for features such as bores, where vision technology can typically only measure at the top or bottom.

Smartscope CNC can be fitted with a Renishaw touch probe and a TTL laser probe, facilitating the measurement of full 3D geometry and fast and accurate surface scanning.

The Smartscope CNC range has a measurement envelope of up to 1,500 x 2,000 x 400mm (X,Y,Z), making the machines suitable for large components or for multi-loading batches of smaller parts.

Bespak has three other OGP vision systems on site: two Smartscope ZIP 250 models that are both fitted with Renishaw tactile probes; and a Smartscope ZIP 400 with laser probe.

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