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GE’s Smartstart for Proficy Change Management is a packaged software and services solution that is designed to get users started quickly with the company’s asset-management software solution.

Proficy Change Management helps organisations to assess, monitor, manage, control and lower project and maintenance costs associated with software and device management.

Smartstart delivers functionality in a low-risk, rapid manner by using a template-based approach to implementing automated change-management in plant systems.

Smartstart for Proficy Change Management combines the full-featured software and a rapid engagement model to rapidly automate and improve change-management processes.

Version control ensures that only one person at a time is making changes and archives the versions for reuse.

Security enables users to monitor and control access, reducing the number and seriousness of potential errors.

Audit trails and reports allow users to track what has been happening with programs and devices in the plant.

Automated scheduling, notification and reporting checks the integrity of what is happening on a regularly scheduled basis.

A configurable interface for project organisation reduces training time and user error.

Extensive product support is pre-configured to support a variety of commonly used industrial software and devices.

With Smartstart, users can fully understand and evaluate the power of Proficy for 30 days with minimal upfront cost or risk of customisation.

Throughout the evaluation, companies invest only in the services that help get them started and receive the latest software licences at no cost for the duration of the evaluation period, according to the company.

Smartstart includes: access to a mix of full-featured Proficy software components; a fixed set of services to install the system, train teams and support the evaluation; a structured engagement model that leverages best practices to accelerate results; availability of an entry-priced server module, fully-featured for use with the production equipment included in the Smartstart pilot; availability of a pre-loaded, pre-configured server package to speed deployment; and access to world-class Globalcare technical support.

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