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Mistral has announced the launch of Smartvue S8 wireless network video surveillance solution in India.

Based on the latest 802.11n Wlan standard and true peer-to-peer video management, this IP surveillance solution offers long-range wireless capability coupled with high-quality video and audio with global remote video management and access.

Smartvue S8 consists of wireless and wired network video cameras (IP camera), a wireless network video recorder (NVR) and a global peer-to-peer video management service.

The camera and NVR were engineered by Mistral for Smartvue and will be manufactured in India.

The S8 network video camera is small enough to fit into the palm of a hand.

The wireless NVR supports up to 20 cameras, stores up to 1,000 hours of video and its 1TB storage capacity is of the highest in the industry.

The peer-to-peer Smartvue Insightserver can manage thousands of NVRs and cameras from a single website login, display up to 100 cameras from its main interface, and globally stream live and recorded video and audio to almost any internet-enabled device.

Traditional analogue video surveillance solutions involve a significant amount of effort for wired installation and comparatively provide limited remote access capabilities.

The latest digital (network video) surveillance products in the market demand considerable IT expertise and cost to install as well as maintain.

In contrast, Smartvue S8 is a self-configuring wireless installation and supports global peer-to-peer access of live and recorded video with two-way audio and instant alerts to users anywhere in the world from almost any PC or mobile phone.

Mistral has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Smartvue to make the product available in the Indian market.

The solution will be available worldwide and in India in the first quarter of 2009.

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