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The increase in oil and gas prices could present an opportunity to manufacturers, according to the Special Metals Forum (SMF), part of Namtec (National Metals Technology Centre).

The SMF recently commissioned a report entitled ‘Materials’ Supply Chains in the UK’s Oil and Gas Market’, which provides valuable information for manufacturers and outlines the opportunities for supplying into this potentially lucrative sector.

Alastair Lang of Namtec, said: ‘There are huge opportunities for UK manufacturers to supply their products and services into the oil-and-gas industry worldwide.

‘The lack of investment over the past two years into new wells means there is now demand in the sector, as oil and gas companies respond to the higher prices.

‘This means products and services are needed for new exploration, as well as for upgrading and refurbishing existing facilities.

‘The report highlights in which areas there is predicted future growth and how manufacturers can get involved in the supply chain,’ he added.

As part of its support to help UK manufacturers take advantage of these new opportunities, the report is now available from Namtec at the reduced fee of GBP250.

The SMF is a national membership organisation for companies manufacturing and processing metals and for users of those metals.

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