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Edbro’s lightweight CS Series of tipping hoists has been specified for SDC Trailers’ latest fuel-efficient smooth-side tipper design.

The Edbro CS Series provides increased payloads through a weight saving of up to 20 per cent.

SDC Trailers’ latest generation of smooth-siders are used for transporting less aggressive loads, such as sand, sugar beet, peas and grain.

The added incline in the chassis and body floor makes them easier to tip and ensures that the entire load is emptied smoothly.

However, the main advantage with smooth-siders is reduced wind resistance.

This saves a lot of money in fuel, so contractors will always prefer to use a smooth-sider if they can.

SDC’s new generation of smooth-siders employs Edbro’s CS Series of tipping hoists as part of an optimised weight-saving design.

The construction of the smooth-siders comprises a sloping chassis to aid load removal, plus a new wider design of lightweight aluminium extruded side panels.

These are used to construct the smooth sides of the panel tipper, making them easier to clean, providing a better mounting surface for decals, reducing drag and improving fuel efficiency.

Key to the lightweight – yet maximum strength – design of the CS Series is Edbro’s special one-piece tube construction.

This is laser welded to ensure the required levels of tube concentricity and high-quality welds demanded by the compact design.

The construction maximises cylinder strength at the top of each extended stage to resist side loads induced by the body during tipping.

It also provides maximum cylinder stiffness at full extension.

As a result, the CS tipping cylinders are able to provide increased lift capacity, at the same time as providing increased payloads through a weight saving of up to 20 per cent.

The benefit of this for fleet operators is that increased payloads mean increased profits, according to Edbro.

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