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Stratasys has introduced the Smoothing Station to improve the surface finish of ABS-based thermoplastic parts made with FDM.

The Smoothing Station’s semi-automated process provides a surface finish of 32 to 63 microns: smoothness equal to an injection moulded part.

Without the process, design and manufacturing engineers requiring an FDM part with this level of smoothness must manually fill, sand, and paint the part.

The Stratasys FDM additive fabrication system with the new Smoothing Station creates smooth parts in minutes.

The smoothed part creates an ideal surface for painting, electroplating, vacuum metallisation, liquid-sealing and making mould masters such as silicone moulding, sand casting or investment casting.

The Smoothing Station consists of two interior chambers that together are approximately the size of a small chest-freezer.

The first chamber treats the thermoplastic part for 15 to 30 seconds to smooth the outer surface of the part.

The part is then moved to the second chamber, which holds the part while it cures from the initial process.

After 30 – 45 minutes, parts can be touched, with parts fully cured in 12 – 18 hours or less.

Little preparation is required for the smoothing process: users simply remove support-material and place the cleaned and dried part into the chamber.

Parts are usually finished in one to three exposures, depending on the smoothness desired.

The system is engineered to work with Stratasys ABS-based thermoplastics only, including ABS, ABSi, ABSplus ABS-M30 and ABS-M30i.

Stratasys also offers the Burnishing Station soda-blast station, which can be used in conjunction with the Smoothing Station.

The station gives parts a satin- or matte-finish and blends any small blemishes.


Over 25 years, Stratasys’ customers have proven the power of 3D printing to accelerate product development, elevate quality and lower costs. And today they’re shaping the world around us by reimagining what’s possible in fields like health care and aerospace.

Additive manufacturing frees you from many conventional design and manufacturing constraints, producing durable tools, patterns, moulds and production parts that may not otherwise be feasible. Achieve the strength, durability and accuracy of traditionally manufactured parts – in less time.

So, if you’re driven to create better products, better processes or even a better world, Stratasys additive manufacturing solutions empower you to work smarter, think faster and innovate more freely.

Stratasys has been at the forefront of 3D printing innovation for more than 25 years. Stratasys is shaping lives by helping researchers and health experts expand human knowledge and advance health care delivery. Stratasys is fueling the next generation of innovation through its work in aerospace, automotive and education.

Stratasys is trusted worldwide by leading manufacturers and groundbreaking designers, makers, thinkers and doers. As a proud innovation partner, Stratasys offers the best mix of technologies, deep industry expertise – and the most flexible implementation options to meet customers’ needs – whatever shape they may take.

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