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Faro Technologies has announced the release of a break-resistant spherically mounted retroreflector (SMR) for demanding measurement environments.

These break-resistant SMRs are claimed to provide an accuracy that is equal to or better than a traditional glass panel SMR.

They also come at a lower cost – with some costing less than a traditional glass panel SMR.

These targets are available in three models: standard accuracy, long range and high performance.

Each one has higher accuracy than previous Faro break-resistant SMRs, while the long-range and high-performance models have the ability to track up to 55m with the Faro Laser Tracker Ion.

In addition to its long range, the high-performance break-resistant SMR is 80 per cent more accurate than previous Faro models.

Since the retroreflector is constructed of a single element, there are no separate glass panels that can shift or break over time.

Faro is also introducing its line of break-resistant window SMRs.

These targets offer high performance in harsh environments as the window covering is designed to keep the reflective optics clean.

All of the SMRs from Faro can be used with any laser tracker measurement system.

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