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ICP DAS has launched the GT-530, an intelligent SMS alarm controller that enables users to control their systems and get status updates via text message to their mobile phones.

The GT-530 can be used as a remote control and alarm system, which allows the user to use their mobile phone to monitor and control their machines, home or business from any locations.

The controller is being used in vending and gaming machines, sending a text message to the machine operator when the machine is empty, full of coins or has an error.

It is suited for applications such as home security systems where audio alarms and text messages are sent to notify the appropriate contacts about a break-in or intrusion.

The GT-530 can monitor a total of 10 digital inputs (six counters).

It also has two digital outputs that can be activated via digital input trigger or SMS to control units such as lamps, pumps and heaters.

Users can conveniently check the GT-530’s status remotely via test message.

It uses simple commands, has an SMS tunnel function and can be powered by external power or Li-battery.

The GT-530 supports Unicode or 7-bit format, which allows users to implement the sending of SMS messages with various languages.

SMS reports can be sent via defined times or digital input or counter event triggers.

The alarm facilities provide a flexible way to distribute critical alarm information to mobile phone users.

It comes with an easy-to-use configuration utility that enables users to have their system up and running quickly.

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