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SMSC semiconductor company has launched the LAN88710 MII/RMII 10/100 Ethernet Transceiver, its second Trueauto Ethernet solution.

This device is designed to meet the reliability standards required by automotive applications such as on-board diagnostics or fast software-download interfaces for central gateway and telematics modules, navigation systems, radio-head units and connectivity devices.

The LAN88710 transceiver offers increased access speed for diagnostics and software downloads over traditionally slower speed interfaces.

When used within complex vehicle electrical systems, the LAN88710 can help diagnose issues faster and lower software maintenance time so repairs are completed more quickly and cost less.

It has been specifically designed, validated, qualified, characterised and manufactured for the high reliability requirements of the car.

The device provides a digital interface via the MII standard (IEEE 802.3u) to a typical MAC layer integrated within an embedded microcontroller.

Built into an embedded device within the car, the chip can function as a network branch to the outside world, connecting the car to a personal computer, diagnostic tool or to a complex Ethernet network in the repair shop.

The initiative is expected to lead to a new ISO/SAE standard that mandates this interface as part of the OBD connector.

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