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Lenze SMV frequency inverters have improved performance and reduced costs on Centraction’s centrally installed vacuum-cleaner systems.

The inverters change the pump speed according to load, saving energy and reducing energy consumption when loads are low.

In addition the IP65 enclosure of the SMV removes the need for a panel, reducing installation costs.

Swedish company Centraction’s centrally mounted systems comprise a suction unit, cyclone separator, controls and a drive that connects through a ducting system to distributed vacuum points.

They are used in hotels, offices, public buildings and ships.

The Lenze office in Sweden was asked to propose alternative drives for motors up to 13.5kW that could respond rapidly to changing loads, and also spinning pick up motors, an area where the previous non-vector drive struggled.

The Lenze SMV inverter is a modern sensorless vector drive and had no problem in responding quickly to demand signals.

The integrated PID function in the inverter with 0-10V input was linked to the analogue output, which gives a 0-10V signal proportional to load.

This solution meant no external sensor was required as feedback for the PID function, saving money for Centraction.

The SMV features an IP65 rating, which means that – unlike the previous IP20-rated drive employed on the application – it does not require a separate control enclosure in the majority of environments where the vacuum cleaners are used.

The ability of the drive to offer its own built-in protection against dust, dirt, debris, atmospheric moisture and low-pressure water jets means that the SMV reduces costs for the manufacturer.

These come from savings on the enclosure itself and on the cost of wiring and installation time.

Lenze SMV inverters with IP65 enclosure are available to suit motors from 0.25 up to 22kW.

Even the larger sizes have full IP65 protection from dust and low-pressure water jets.

The vector design gives fast response, impressive low-speed operation and comes with sophisticated auto-tuning.

Options include a lockable isolator to aid maintenance, and a face-mounted speed potentiometer.

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