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Broadcom has introduced the BCM5882 and BCM5883 SOC processors, which are designed to provide PC OEMs with a security solution that is both highly scalable and cost-effective.

With integrated near-field communication (NFC) technology, a secure processor and biometric capabilities all on one chip, the SOCs isolate user authentication from the host computing system through a multi-factor, multi-choice authentication and data-protection process.

The cost-effective security platform can be leveraged across product ranges and form factors, allowing IT managers to have a consistent security platform throughout the organisation.

NFC can be utilised in PCs and tablets for user authentication, payment, virtual currency transactions, ticketing, advertising and location-based services and applications.

Broadcom’s Credential Vault is a feature at the core of the SOC where user and device keys and credentials are securely stored.

The hardware-based authentication provided by the SoC can be directly linked to data access on self-encrypting hard drives (SED), offering an additional layer of security for critical user data.

Technologies such as cloud computing may also require repeated authentication throughout the work day.

Broadcom’s secure SOCs ease the use of cloud-computing applications by eliminating the need for repeated log in and authentication through enterprise-class single sign-on applications.

In the workplace, each secure SOC has a device-specific key that can serve as a root of trust to generate device and user-based certificates.

These certificates enable a secure work-flow environment through the use of digital signatures in documents, email, VPN access and digital rights management (DRM) applications.

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