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Socomec will showcase its range of advanced critical power products designed specifically for the UK rail sector — including the IP UPS Rail range — at Railtex 2013, which is due to run from 30 April until 2 May.

The products are targeted at the mass transportation sector and are claimed to ensure the safe and reliable operation of rail networks and infrastructure.

The latest Socomec uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and emergency lighting technology have already been implemented as part of projects at King’s Cross station, in Leyton Underground station and on Cross Rail.

The Socomec IP range is claimed to be the first and only UPS range currently listed on the London Underground (LU) Product Register and to hold ‘authorised for use’ status.

Also on show

  • Statys 32A range — static transfer solution supplied by two independent, alternative sources
  • Netys RT range — suitable for IT and networking infrastructures
  • Fuserbloc range — fuse combination systems designed to protect against overload and to provide local safety isolation
  • Sircover and Atys ranges — manual and automatic transfer and bypass switches designed to provide vital support to emergency systems and signalling and to provide alternate and standby power availability
  • Countis and Diris ranges — single- and three-phase active energy meters, power measurement devices and network analysers for use with Socomec’s Vertelis software

Socomec UPS

Founded in 1922, SOCOMEC are an industrial group that boasts a workforce in excess of 2500 people worldwide.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies with Socomec

Founded in 1922, SOCOMEC are an industrial group that boasts a workforce in excess of 2500 people worldwide.

With products marketed under the trademark SOCOMEC UPS, the extensive range of products fulfils any and every need for a Continuous Electrical Power Supply of the highest quality.

Innovative Power Solutions

The UPS offered by SOCOMEC UPS, in addition to the Secure Critical Power UPS Systems, Rectifiers, Harmonic Equalisers and DC to AC/AC to DC Converters, makes up the most complete range offered worldwide and covers the widest range of applications with something to suit each and every sector of the market.

SOCOMEC UPS were the first manufacturer in France to offer static power supplies in 1968. In 1980 they were the first to design a UPS with PWM technology, 1996 saw them being the first to integrate IGBT technology with major power sources and in 2000, SOCOMEC became the first designer to integrate a UPS with a modular rack system.

Since then they have also been the first to integrate hybrid components in 2001, they developed the first 200kVA UPS to include an IGBT rectifier in 2003 and came up with new battery charging designs in 2004. In 2006 they also developed a replacement for the traditional battery based solution by creating a dynamic energy storage system.

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