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R54 plug-and-play enclosed soft starters are suited for temporary installations, for dealing with breakdowns and for upgrading existing installations where plant downtime must be minimised.

The units can be installed and commissioned in minutes – all that’s needed is to mount them, connect the supply and the motor and they’re ready to use.

Overload values and other protection settings are pre-set at the factory, although the user may alter these if needed.

They are also suitable for use in new projects.

In all applications, the soft starters are said to provide advantages over conventional star-delta starters.

These include reduced inrush current, smooth motor acceleration that decreases mechanical wear and tear, and the elimination of torque peaks during motor starting.

Ralspeed R54 plug-and-play soft starters are offered in two ranges: the TQM2KA, which covers ratings from 5.5 to 15kW, and the TQM2KD, which covers ratings from 22 to 90kW.

Starters in both ranges have IP54 enclosures that are supplied complete with wall-fixing brackets and they are equipped as standard with isolators and stop/start pushbuttons.

Units in the TQM2KA range have fully rated isolators complemented by thermal overload relays for motor protection, while those in the TQM2KD range have a comprehensive electronic protection system and an integral two-line liquid crystal display with a keypad.

In addition to overload protection, the electronic system in the TQM2KD starters provides overload pre-alarm, under-load trip, electronic shearpin, frequent start limit and phase fault detection functions.

The door-mounted display can be configured to show motor current and voltage, ambient temperature, time and date, hours run, time to service and motor status.

A 1,000-event data log is also incorporated, to allow historical operational information to be examined and analysed.

Ralspeed R54 plug-and-play soft starters are suitable for use in a range of applications, including pumps, fans, compressors, chillers, rock crushers and mixers.

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