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Carlo Gavazzi is introducing three ranges of soft starters designed to optimise energy consumption in industrial applications.

The RSQK, RSXK and RSDR series provide soft-starting capability for three-phase motors up to 1,050kW, with high-end models offering plug-and-play setup to ensure optimal starting profiles.

RSQK series starters are rated for motor currents from 23 to 1,800A at operating voltages of 230 -460/400-575/500-690V AC, while the RSXK is rated 5-1,673A, 230-690V AC.

Soft-starting/soft-stopping time is adjustable up to 255s, so that even the toughest applications can be started and stopped in the correct manner.

Both RSQK and RSXK soft starters can control heavy-duty loads (Trip Class 30) such as crushers.

The soft starter selection tool offers a quick selection of the correct configuration for any particular application.

In addition, they have pre-set starting and stopping parameters specifically for pump applications, which reduce water hammering by making start and stop actions as smooth as possible.

In addition, the RSQK provides an inductive load feature, which controls voltage across the transformer winding to ensure the transformer stays within current limits throughout the heating cycle.

For smaller motors, the RSDR series offers power ratings up to 280kW.

Maximum current ratings range from 55 to 500A.

As well as over-current and short-circuit protection, the RSDR has internal bypassing to reduce heat dissipation in tight control panels.

The RSDR soft starters provide ramp-up time setting capabilities starting from 0.5s, making them suitable for applications where start-up time needs to be limited.

Ramp-up and -down times can be set up to 30s for reliable soft-starting and stopping to deliver smoother start-up and shutdown of high-inertia applications.

Front-panel dimensions range from 135 x 140mm to 203 x 165mm, providing space-saving solutions with high-power capability.

Set up is through rotary controls on the RSDR front panel.

Two normally open auxiliary relay contacts are provided for indication of top-of-ramp status and fault alarms.

As well as new applications where soft-starting is deployed inline to ensure lower inrush current, lower peak-demand energy costs and longer compressor lifetimes, these three series of soft starters can be used as a replacement for star-delta starters.

Their six-wire connection option means that there is no need to change the wiring configuration, providing a lower cost alternative with reduced maintenance requirements, lower downtime and less stress on auxiliary components.

All devices are IP20 protected against dust and moisture ingress up to 55kW, operate over the 0-40C temperature range and carry UL certification and CE markings.

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