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Softelec has released Version 11 of its VPHybridCAD software for editing and converting scanned technical drawings.

VPHybridCAD V11 now supports all AutoCAD versions from 2004 to 2011.

All VPHybridCAD products also support the 64-bit versions of AutoCAD 2010 and 2011 making use of expanded memory and performance.

For stand-alone operation, VPHybridCAD V11 products can run on Windows 7, XP and Vista in full 64-bit mode.

With a number of new and redesigned functions and features VPHybridCAD V11 continues to provide access to scanned technical documents, either for detailed revisions with direct hybrid editing tools, or for complete automatic vector conversion.

For all VPHybridCAD products, such as VPraster and VPstudio, PDF file import has been expanded.

While most variations of PDF files with embedded raster images are supported, even PDF data containing vector data can now be loaded and handled.

A PDF/A export format option for long-term file storage has also been added.

Aside from a variety of internal refinements, such as optional raster selection limited to element intersections, ‘symbol search’ recognition has been enhanced to work on legacy DXF or DWG drawings.

The function automatically converts recurrent groups of entities into blocks with attributes for unified handling, administration or replacement.

This is useful for legacy CAD drawings that are missing block structures such as electrical symbols, assembly components, windows, doors, furniture and so on.

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