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Softinway has announced a training course on axial turbine fundamentals and turbomachinery design with Axstream for mechanical and aerospace engineers that will be held on 9-13 November in Boston.

This intensive course is aimed at providing attendees with an in-depth insight into axial turbines and presenting a reliable, finely tuned solution to design and optimise axial/radial turbomachinery flow path.

The programme consists of two independent parts: Axial Turbine Fundamentals (two days) and an Axstream Interactive Workshop on Turbomachinery Flow Path Design and Optimisation (three days).

The Axial Turbine Fundamentals (9-10 November) programme covers the fundamentals of thermodynamics, gas dynamics, structural analysis, and the basics of steam and gas turbines and their elements.

This course extends engineer’s knowledge of axial turbine design and operation to raise their professional level and enhance the engineering practice.

The Axstream Interactive Workshop on Turbomachinery Flow Path Design and Optimisation (11-13 November) aims to provide participants with a practical understanding of design and optimisation of flow paths for turbomachinery equipment using Axstream.

During this interactive, hands-on workshop, engineers will use the Axstream software to perform preliminary design of turbomachinery flow paths, inverse and direct 1D/2D analysis and optimisation, 3D profiling/stacking of the airfoils, 3D FEA and CFD, and export of results to 3D CAD programs.

The training includes break-out sessions, one-on-one design consultation with Softinway experts and review of actual test cases.

Each attendee can choose a particular track of study based on his/her specific interests: axial and radial turbomachinery (comprehensive overview), axial turbine, axial compressor, radial turbine, centrifugal compressor, retrofitting and performance upgrades.

All attendees of the Axstream workshop will get a free one-month licence to Axstream.

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