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Softnoze USA has announced product models that mount, aim and secure machine vision cameras and smart sensors.

The first two product series are the MV-SUB-CB and the MV-SUBE-CB components.

Combining a strong, stainless-steel bracket with a high-strength polymer base is said to make camera and sensor installation easy, as well as give final machine designs a professional look.

Machine vision has found applications within all sectors of automation, and while they remain more complicated to deploy than typical sensors and switches, their mounting and aiming requirements can be matched using one or more of Softnoze’s 16 machine vision components.

Regardless of manufacturer, the MV brackets accommodate a multitude of cameras and smart sensors.

This is done utilising a multi-slotted and drilled plate.

The plate is held very securely, yet is easily aimed using a swivelling ball, which can then be held captive within the polymer base upon tightening.

Beyond the 16 standard models, Softnoze plans to release additional versions and can quick-turn custom designs to meet any application.

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