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Softstart is offering Hyundai Heavy Industries’ range of inverters and medium-voltage switchgear for use in automation applications.

Softstart will offer motor control gear, drives, servos, line reactors, soft starts, harmonic filters, PLCs and HMIs, as well as Hyundai’s complementary miniature contactors, moulded case circuit breakers, vacuum contactors and VCBs.

Hyundai’s inverter range covers low-voltage drives from 0.4 to 400kW, as well as MV drives and switchgear up to 1.1MW.

The Hi Run N series LV drives are newly developed and designed to integrate seamlessly into the MV range.

All formats have open communications capabilities and are available as single- or three-phase versions, as PWM, sensorless vector or closed-loop vector.

Autotuning is available throughout the range, easing set up and commissioning, and ensuring optimum operation over extended periods.

High starting torque is a characteristic of all units, ensuring starting of loaded conveyors, pumps and fans.

Full communications capabilities allow integration with a PC, PLC or HMI, or connection into a high-level control system such as SCADA or DCS.

A current suppression feature allows virtually tripless operation, even when a drive is subject to regular impact loads.

Similarly, an over-current adjustment means that the drives can be set to come with a defined degree of overload for short periods.

Hyundai’s medium-voltage drives are designated Hi Run N5000 and support all the features and benefits of the smaller versions.

Their power factor is in excess of 0.95, obviating the need for a correction capacity, while the efficiency is over 96 per cent and there is no need for additional input-output filtering or output transformers.

The MV drives are based on a modular design that helps reduce cost of purchase and ownership and makes commissioning and reconfiguration very straightforward.

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