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Extract fans in a new PCB manufacturing facility in Exmouth have been designed so that no vibration transmits to the printed circuit boards (PCBs) in production.

This means that high-component-density boards can be produced to high levels of accuracy and reliability.

The 35,000ft2 facility is being built as part of a major site redevelopment by Eurotech.

It will contain new and improved equipment, including new plating lines, and will allow Eurotech to better match the requirements of capability and capacity for future UK, European and worldwide customers.

Eurotech wanted to reduce ambient vibration to an absolute minimum, so called in drives expert David Ede of KLJ.

He identified that locating all eight fans required in the roof void would maximise their distance from the production machinery and that rubber mountings would reduce transmitted vibration significantly.

‘This meant we had to start and stop them smoothly, so direct-on-line starting was not acceptable,’ Ede said.

‘We looked at several options and decided on fitting each fan with Hyundai variable speed drives supplied by Softstart, choosing the appropriate size and model in each case,’ he added.

In fact, the final selection involved only two models – the N100 and N700E.

The smaller N100 (0.4-7.5kW) is a sensorless vector high-starting-torque inverter drive that is suitable for applications such as fan, pump, conveyor and woodworking machinery.

Its auto-tuning function automatically measures the motor parameters and sets it into the drive without the user having to enter parameters manually.

For the larger fans, the Hyundai N700E drive, which goes up to 132kW, is high durability and provides speed controllability and torque response.

The sensorless vector control technology provides optimised performance for industrial equipment.

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