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Safe Technology has partnered with Firehole Technologies to develop Fe-safe/Composites, a tool for the fatigue analysis of composite materials.

According to Safe Technology, predicting fatigue life in composites has been challenging because even simple load states lead to complex behaviour in the individual composite constituents.

Furthermore, the effects of frequency and load history can only be dealt with adequately by using physics-based approaches.

Fe-safe/Composites meets these challenges by using Firehole’s Helius: Fatigue technology platform.

Helius: Fatigue combines the constituent-based failure analysis method of multicontinuum theory (MCT) with the kinetic theory of fracture, to introduce a game-changing technology for fatigue life prediction in composite structures.

It does this without the need for exotic material data or substantial computational cost.

Fe-safe/Composites extends all the capabilities of Fe-safe to calculate complex loading histories, which up until now have only been available for use with metals.

Users can simulate real, industrial loading conditions, and with Fe-safe’s ability to use different fatigue algorithms for different sections of the FE model, the user can also combine the analysis of composites and the analysis of metals in the same run.

Fe-safe/Composites is available for purchase directly from Safe Technology or through its worldwide network of resellers.

Safe Technology and Firehole Technologies will team up this month to offer the first in a series of webinars demonstrating the features and functionality of Fe-safe/Composites.

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