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Lantek has enhanced its Lantek Flex3d software for the design, folding/unfolding and 3D cutting of tubes, profiles and sheet metal parts as part of the latest 2011 versions of its software.

The new features incorporated into Lantek Flex3d provide the sheet metal industry with a more flexible solution with comprehensive functionality, capable of being tailored to meet the needs of individual users.

Lantek Flex3d has the power to manage large-scale projects and incorporates the advanced 3D design technologies in its architecture.

The company has also improved the software’s CAD data-exchange capabilities, with claimed speed improvements of 300 per cent.

Lantek Flex3d V2011, like all the previous versions, is fully integrated with all of the company’s other applications, simplifying the management and co-ordination of manufacturing processes.

Lantek Flex3d comprises eight specific modules, enabling the user to perform folding and unfolding tasks; work with tubes or profiles; carry out integrated design and manufacture with Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, Solid Edge, CATIA, Creo Elements/Pro and Siemens NX; automate the programming of laser and waterjet five-axis sheet-metal cutting machines; and design and cut standard profiles using the Lantek Flex3d Steelwork module.

In the 2011 version of Lantek’s software, all the modules incorporate intuitive functionality that makes 3D design and manufacture faster and easier for the user.

Within the Lantek Flex3d product range, the company has focused on three modules in particular.

Lantek Flex3d Tubes, which has been developed for the design and cutting of tubular components, includes new geometry macros, the ability to automatically assign specific cutting technology to each machining parameter, the improved simulation of five-axis cutting and a more automated nesting capability.

These new features make it much easier for users to visualise the real results of their tube-cutting operations.

Lantek Flex3d Steelwork, intended for the design and cutting of steelwork profiles, has been made easier to use.

Customisation enables engineers to tailor the system to their requirements and now includes automatic screw and countersink management to ISO standards, as well as to the special requirements of each company.

Machining operations can be visualised and checked faster and more efficiently in the new version.

Lantek Flex3d 5x, aimed at programming 3D sheet-metal cutting machines with five-axis heads, benefits from several improvements.

Totally compatible with the main 3D design systems used in the sheet metal industry, the software enables users to import parts in virtually any format ready for five-axis cutting.

Intuitive commands lead the user through the programming phase, simplifying the process.

Other developments include new workbench positioning methodology, automatic machining algorithms and fast and flexible verification and simulation, all designed to improve productivity and reliability.

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