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Fujitsu Systems Europe has announced the release of Synfiniway V4, its integrated software framework for virtualised distributed HPC.

This version is designed to expand the user capabilities with enhanced security, extended framework management and a global repository for collaboration and performance improvement.

This leads to assured data confidentiality and time savings through early detection of server and network failures as well as improved sharing of global business process objects.

Synfiniway enables companies to set up a flexible IT infrastructure that addresses these needs while delivering reduced TCO.

Companies are required to maintain end-user productivity in a diverse IT infrastructure, so a simplified model for accessing applications as well as automated methods for recovering from common hardware and network failures is important.

Synfiniway tackles these issues through a framework that implements the concepts of applications-as-a-service and activity-as-a-service, which are two of the four modes of consumption of cloud computing identified by Fujitsu.

‘Even within the complex IT landscapes that are increasingly common, enterprises must still deliver higher levels of productivity with lower TCO,’ said David Papiah, chief executive of Fujitsu Systems Europe.

‘With Synfiniway V4 and its emphasis on security and collaboration, an enterprise can implement a secure cloud-based IT framework that promotes integration and collaboration between enterprise and extended enterprise groups, resulting in higher efficiency, reduced project times and lower costs,’ he added.

Synfiniway is a middleware used in creating virtualised IT frameworks for enterprise (private and trusted) clouds.

It provides a complete integrated set of capabilities: leading workflow technology to orchestrate service execution, a global meta-scheduler for optimising resource utilisation and robust data movement of large-volume files.

The release of Synfiniway V4 focuses on the issues of security, monitoring and collaboration by adding significant capabilities in these areas, while enhancing its file transfer technology.

Synfiniway V4 includes enhanced security control.

A new role-based (RBAC) access management subsystem enables fine grained authorisation on workflows, applications, services and data, to be applied on a user and/or group level.

Users within the framework have unique identifiers enabling their access permissions to be globally applied.

Servers, networks, workflows and tasks can be monitored throughout the Synfiniway framework.

Sensors monitor the current state of servers on the framework to enable quick detection of failures or high load.

Alerts are automatically generated based on thresholds set by the user.

A global repository with version management for workflows, applications and profiles has been incorporated, enabling quicker access and more manageable development of business processes even when using local and distributed teams.

This enables higher levels of collaboration during the development cycle, promoting improved validation and testing, resulting in more stable business processes.

When files are stored or moved around the framework, they can now have on-the-fly encryption, compression and integrity checks applied to them, improving bandwidth usage and guaranteeing data security.

Text files moving between Unix and Windows platforms can be automatically converted.

A set of schedulers can be configured to enable fail-over in the event of a scheduler or server failure.

In this case, a secondary scheduler can be used to continue running processes on the framework leading to higher levels of availability.

Synfiniway helps enterprises to simplify complex IT usage through automation and resiliency features.

Strong role-based authorisation and collaboration helps organisations work together through a secure integrated framework.

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