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Transend II utility software is suited for manufacturers seeking an integrated, simplified way to transfer data between data collectors, SPC applications, analytical software and common spreadsheets.

It includes routines that automatically generate reports in both standard ASI Datamyte and web-based formats.

It provides automatic data harvesting, automatic spec limit and configuration updates to data collectors – leaving no opportunity for operator error.

A feature called Express Refresh allows a data-collector operator to automatically upload data from all setups and update all setup parameters by simply connecting a cable to the data collector and clicking on a start button.

Another new feature provides a powerful cross-referencing capability.

When any of the names or labels used to identify a characteristic are called up, the advanced manufacturing data structure provides a reference to all the other names or labels associated with that characteristic.

In June, ASI announced the Model 600 Handheld Data Collector with the new, larger high-resolution screen, robust image-import capabilities that incorporate detailed on-screen instructions and clarify complex auditing routines, USB interface and enhanced features for torque auditing and management.

The 600 can be equipped with additional digital interfaces that support direct connectivity to hundreds of standard gauges, calipers and other precision measurement devices.

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