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Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced the Thermo Scientific Exactfinder software for its Thermo Scientific Exactive benchtop LC-MS system powered by Orbitrap technology.

The new software offers food and environmental safety, clinical research and forensic toxicology laboratories a single streamlined data processing, review and reporting workflow for screening results with confidence and straightforward quantitation.

Before the introduction of the Exactfinder software, laboratories had to use multiple mass spectrometers and data processing packages to perform targeted and unknown screening experiments.

Thermo Fisher is currently showcasing the Exactfinder software in Booth 2835 at Pittcon 2011, which runs until 18 March in Atlanta.

When combined with the Thermo Scientific Exactive LC-MS, the Exactfinder software provides a single, simplified workflow solution for routine screening and quantitation.

Laboratories can process data for both targeted and unknown screening experiments without the need for multiple software packages.

The Exactfinder software can be integrated into laboratory workflows with minimal user training.

Data processing and reporting are automated.

The Exactive LC-MS does not require compound-dependent parameter optimisation, so method development is faster and simplified.

The software is claimed to provide confidence in screening results with full-scan, high-resolution, accurate-mass (HR/AM) spectral data and multiple forms of compound identification integrated into a single software, including an HR/AM spectral library search, isotope pattern matching and Chemspider and other chemical database search capabilities.

The HR/AM library includes more than 3,000 mass spectra for more than 1,000 compounds relevant to food safety and environmental testing.

Finally, Exactfinder features advanced software algorithms, including parameter-less peak detection (PPD), automated component detection, isotope pattern matching with intelligent elemental composition calculation and a reverse library search in order to facilitate the processing of complicated sample analyses with minimal user input.

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