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The National Chemical Emergency Centre (NCEC) has adopted a software application that could potentially save time in the event of a chemical incident.

The software application was developed by Prof Steven Abbott, a University of Leeds visiting researcher, and Dr Hansen, a polymer expert.

The principle behind the software application is the Hansen solubility parameters (HSP), used to explain how a solvent behaves in relation to many other substances whose HSP is also known.

By representing this in a graphic three dimensional format a chemist is able to assess compatibility and mixture behaviour, which could save time in the event of an incident where two substances were accidentally mixed.

Caroline Raine, senior consultant at NCEC, said: ‘This application offers a solution that could be invaluable when requiring data on solvents and mixtures, by enabling to map the performance of solvents against each other.

‘The software takes very complex information and displays it in an easy to understand manner in emergency situations,’ she added.

NCEC has now made this software application available to all its emergency response personnel.

National Chemical Emergency Centre

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