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Innovmetric has announced that Polyworks v12 features Directreplay technology, which simplifies multi-piece inspection tasks performed with any point-cloud digitiser or tactile probing device.

Other metrology products traditionally offer teaching modes to automate a multi-piece inspection task.

Teaching modes generally record user operations performed on a first piece in an operation history tree from which an automated inspection program is built.

The program is edited by adding/removing/editing operations in the history tree.

A new piece is inspected by executing the sequence of operations in the history tree.

This approach works well within pre-production and production contexts where fixed inspection programs can be prepared and applied uniformly on all pieces.

There are other contexts, however, where computer-aided-design (CAD) models, dimensional tolerances and inspected features are frequently changed.

For example, tools and assembly processes are constantly modified in the product engineering phase.

Alternatively, a part must be produced in a multiplicity of sizes and configurations.

In both cases, it is desirable to have the ability to reuse the same inspection program with different measurement requirements without having to rebuild the whole operation sequence or having to go through time-consuming editing procedures in an operation history tree.

Polyworks v12 overcomes the limitations of existing teaching modes by introducing a new software architecture in which the operator’s intent is directly embedded in the inspection project itself, without having to rely on an operation history tree.

The software offers four critical benefits to those who need to inspect multiple pieces.

First, the inspection project is always in sync with the operator.

All measurement parameters are automatically recorded within measurement objects, and all report items (tables and snapshots, for instance) precisely retain the conditions in which they were created, ensuring total project repeatability under all circumstances.

In addition, the operator can, at any time, modify the inspection project and initiate the measurement of a new piece without having to edit an operation history tree.

For example, measurement objects and reports in an existing project could first be adjusted or updated, and the modified project could then be directly used to control a new piece.

While measuring a new piece using Directreplay, operators may interrupt the re-measurement process and perform manual operations, then resume re-measurement.

Directreplay also allows the user to customise the measurement process and report of each piece – a useful capability within a product engineering context where one specific piece or assembly may require further investigation.

Directreplay is designed for the Polyworks universal platform and handles all point cloud digitisers as well as all tactile probing devices such as articulated arms, optically tracked touch probes, laser trackers and manual co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs).

Polyworks v12 is scheduled for pre-release in April 2011 and will be demonstrated at the Control trade show held in Stuttgart, Germany, on 3-6 May.

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