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Software Toolbox has announced the release of TOP Server Version 5.4, its OPC and native HMI device connectivity software application.

Powered by Kepware, Top Server 5.4 delivers enhancements to more than 30 drivers and plug-ins.

The 5.4 release includes the addition of Phase 1 support for the Water Industry Telemetry Standard (WITS) initiative in the DNP 3.0 Master Ethernet and serial drivers, which includes several new WITS-specific data object groups.

The WITS initiative also enhances DNP security through use of authentication, as well as providing the ability to manage device assets and attributes.

The DNP drivers are available in the TOP Server DNP Suite and the TOP Server Power and Utilities Suite.

The TOP Server Power and Utilities Suite offers users in these markets a single solution containing drivers for Modbus, DNP and user-configurable custom protocols.

TOP Server 5.4 also continues providing the most up-to-date OPC technology by adding a new beta OPC Xi interface for the widest range of client connectivity options, ensuring that TOP Server is ready as vendors add OPC Xi client connectivity to their software.

The SNMP driver has been enhanced and includes a new MIB parser that provides greater performance and reliability during import of SNMP MIB files for tag creation.

The Omron Suite has been updated with additional model support for its Ethernet and serial drivers.

The OPC DA Client and OPC UA Client drivers have been combined to form the TOP Server OPC Client Suite, giving customers one convenient solution for delivering other OPC Server data to client applications using TOP Server native interfaces, such as Wonderware Suitelink.

The OPC Client Suite also provides OPC DA data to OPC UA clients and OPC UA data to OPC DA clients for a range of data access flexibility.

Additional improvements in TOP Server Version 5.4 include: OPC UA Interface – fixes and enhancements, including the ability to import client security certificates; BACnet IP Driver – numerous enhancements, including addition of support for ISO 10646 and ISO 8859 character sets, and object properties meeting BACnet-2008 specification; expanded functionality and improvements made to the Beckhoff, Contrex Serial, AB DF1 Serial, GE Fanuc Suite, Honeywell UDC Serial, Mitsubishi Suite, Modbus Suite, ODBC, UCON and Yokogawa drivers.

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