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Software Toolbox has announced the release of Top Server Version 5.3, its OPC and native HMI device connectivity software application.

Powered by Kepware, Top Server 5.3 delivers enhancements to more than 30 drivers and plug-ins.

The 5.3 release includes the addition of DNP 3.0 Ethernet and serial drivers that enable utilities professionals to connect, control and manage devices locally or from remote substations.

The SNMP and Ping drivers have been enhanced to provide automatic discovery of devices, reducing product configuration time by allowing users to scan a network, detect devices and select which devices, along with their associated tags, to import into the product.

The addition of link tags to the Top Server Advanced Tag Plug-in enhances value by expanding its ability to perform calculations on data by allowing users of different hardware to share data between different control systems or even perform calculations on data within the same system.

Top Server 5.3 adds DNP 3.0 serial and Ethernet protocols that provide a standards-based interoperability solution between substation computers, RTUs, intelligent electronic devices and master stations.

This functionality is used in many industries including electric utility and power distribution as well as water/wastewater management.

With the Top Server Advanced Tag Plug-in, users can read data via DNP protocol from remote devices, perform calculations on the data that clarifies or adds value, as well as write the data into another control system using any of the other protocols supported by Top Server.

Users also can deliver the data to Scada systems using open OPC DA, UA or AandE connections or vendor-specific Scada interfaces such as Wonderware SuitelinkT.

Another important factor for DNP users is time-stamp handling.

When polling DNP devices, often all changes are sent back since the last poll with time stamps of when changes occurred at the device level, such as circuit breaker trips in a substation.

With polls only occurring daily, time stamps of an actual event occurrence need to be preserved and delivered intact to the Scada system.

The Top Server DNP Suite drivers use the time stamps received from remote devices to deliver data plus event occurrence information to the Scada system.

DNP drivers in Top Server 5.3 are designed to handle the varied nature of industrial applications that often involve remote telemetry, which requires flexibility in network configuration, careful bandwidth utilisation, noisy communication channel handling and serialisation of communications across multiple channels.

The DNP drivers are available in the Top Server DNP Suite and the Top Server Power and Utilities Suite.

The Top Server Power and Utilities Suite offers a solution that contains drivers for Modbus, DNP and user-configurable custom protocols.

Additional improvements in Top Server Version 5.3 include: Siemens Suite – added support for S7-1200 PLCs; Allen-Bradley Suite – added support for RSLogix version 18 and numerous flexibility enhancements to the DF1 and DH Plus drivers; and expanded functionality and improvements made to the Custom Interface Driver, GE Fanuc Suite, Mitsubishi Suite, Bacnet, Beckhoff, Omron Suite, ODBC, SNMP+Ping Suite, OPC DA Client, OPC UA Client, Torque Tool, UCON, and Yaskawa drivers.

Top Server 5.3 is now available for download or as an upgrade for users on active support and maintenance contracts.

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